I have started playing golf recently and am finding it difficult to master my swing!?

i can hit the ball very true when i hit a good shot but i can not seem 2 have a consistancy in my swing is seems that swing is differnt, i cannot hit the ball with a nice swing, about 2/10 shots are what i would call ok! i was wondering if anyone had n e tips for a beging golfer?


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join the club I have been playing for over ten years and I still duff shots. All I can say is that 90% of the game is keeping your head down and making sure that your don't overswing. Just relax when you approach the ball and hit it. ANd have fun taking your sticks for a walk like the rest of us.

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Best thing you can do is take a couple golf lessons. Seriously! Once you have a good idea of what a swing is supposed to be, it will get much easier.

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get a lesson from your local pro,try your local or nearest golf club they all have them,they run the golf shop at the club,it will be the best investment you will ever make,if you want to play this game.Especially if your a beginner.you dont have to be a member to get a lesson.

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Schedual a lesson with your pro. They'll be able to tell you what you're doing right and wrong. Most of my friends who golf schedual a lesson when they have an off week. Good luck.

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Your best bet is to take some lessons from your local golf pro. Every course, public or private, and most driving ranges have at least one golf pro who provides either individual or group lessons. They also come in different price ranges too.

He or she can analyze your swing and help you develop a more consistent swing.

That's what I did and it helped cut back on my hook dramatically.

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You need to work on your preswing routine. Don't just go to the range and hit balls. You need to back away are and reline up for each shot. You can get some good tips from my 360 blog roll, see profile for link, or go to www.pga.com improve your game section.

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See the ball leave the ground. Sounds simple but doing that consistantly is not easy

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I have the same problem. I will have a great day at the range, come back a couple of days later and just stink it up. I guess we need lessons lol but I can't afford them.

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I have been playing golf for 9 years, and I haven't mastered my swing yet ether. But I figured out a way that helped. My dad is always sending me to these pro golfers and they each have a different thing for the swing. So, I take what feels most comfortable and most reliable and it works. I can hit the ball over 180 yards, and I'm 13. Not to brag or anything.

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read a little bit...but not to much, and practice your butt off..lessons will help, but most of us dont have the time or the money to commit to something like that....everything you do on the golf course is learning, everything you do in practice is learning, thats what makes golf so great, no one person, or swing is perfect, tiger is great, phil is great, jack is great, but im sure if you asked them, they would all say there is something about theyre game they would like to improve....dont immulate things you see other people doing, do what feels comfortable to you and what works best for you and your game...and no matter how bad things get, just keep plugging along, that makes the finished product so much sweeter and enjoyable

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