Tips to fix slice (I'm a Lefty)?

I use the 2 knuckel grip


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What you have read above is correct. But, it applies to all golfers, RH or LH. There is little difference between the way the average LH golfer plays his round and the approach of the RHander. The old jibes about standing on the wrong side of the ball, etc. arose during the time when left handed equipment was a rarity. There is no physical difference between a LH golfer and a RH. They both hit just as many slices, bad shots, etc. usually due to poor set-up, or swing plane, or hitting from the top, etc. There is no magic cure exclusively for LH players. The tuition tips from pro.s apply equally. If I had to stress one aspect it would be "shoulder turn" to avoid "casting" the club and as a consequence hitting "outside in", equals a slice! So dont waste time looking for the magic "leftie" cure, just listen to the basic swing tips, apply them, practice and dont be intimidated into believing that a left handed golfer is in some way "different" to a RH player. There are some great LH players out on the pro circuit. See them as an example! Enjoy!

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Swing slower, line up the ball correctly in your stance, try a few slow swings, going back into your back swing bring your club through the impact zone as you do check the position of the club face, is it open or closed?

Is you your swing plane too flat?
Do you fallow through to a nice high finish on your drives.
A nice relaxed grip will substantially improve the face position letting the club face to open and close on it's own as apposed to trying to choke the life out of it?

Relax swing through the golf ball, don't hit it this is not baseball or hockey so we want to be smooth, fluid, balanced, relaxed, confident, and happy as hell to be out playing the GREATEST GAME EVER INVENTED.

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slice comes when your sholder opens during impact
so try to square the sholder during impact

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Read the posting after yours on the same subject. It is written for a right hander so wherever someone says something like "left to right" in your case it would be the reverse.

Left or right all the comments about swing plane and over the top, outside to in swing apply to either and both.

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