Am I the only one who thinks the Ryder Cup is lame?

There is so much talk about the captains, the captain's choices, the pairings, etc - but I just don't get it. The Ryder Cup seems like a lame attempt to turn an individual sport into a team competition. Why do players even care if they make the team? Why do they take time out of their life to even play - wouldn't they rather have a week off? Do you think the players really care if they win or lose? Also, since the players don't get paid - where does all the money go?


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As an avid golfer who has lived on both sides of the pond I hold my breath every couple of years for this event!

This competition has a deep history from the start and some of the rivalries over the years has made this event a treat to watch. I agree it makes a beautiful individual sport into a team competition, but that is the beauty of it. It puts a twist on a game which does not have many and there for makes it a rare treat.

Of course I believe the player's care! Can you imagine the honour it must be to represent your Country in the highest totem of your sport. Do you really think a footballer would not want to make his squad for the World cup? Or for an athlete not to participate for his Country in the Olympics!?

Money goes to charities, the cost to host an event such as this, and other various funds for the European tour and PGA on both sides of the pond. As for the obvious such as those just mentioned I am not sure and do honestly not really mind where the money goes...

I can not wait until late September and just so you folks know, this Canadian is putting his money on yet another European victory by 2.5 points.

PoIsOn MuNkEy

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the ryder cup is more than just a team competition. it's a competition pitting the best of the US against the best of the world. there is aslo the tradition behind the ryder cup. legends from both sides of the pond have dueled to many exciting finishes and the more recent batch of competitors have come up with some spectacular matches as well. money is the least of there worries. it's pride and bragging rites. just like the good old days.

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You are not alone in that assumption. But you're still wrong :)

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