A golf player carrying his equipments is called what?


What is the best way to clean leather and synthetic glove?

An amateur

In the UK what is the music they use for the pre transmission time on the Setanta Golf Channel?


Appropriate cool-down exercises for golf with evidence to support the importance of cool-downs.?

A broke golf player because he is carrying his on bag

What is the maximum handicap for male golfers ?

Broke - he couldn't afford a cart.
Lazy - too lazy to get a cart.
Stupid - too stupid to get a cart.
Late - too late to get a cart.

I could go on LOL I have ONLY ever carried my own bag etc when I was feelin froggy, otherwise, cart all the way.

I am setting up a golf driving range. Where do i start.?

still a golf player.. a golfer!
but a golfer's assistant is called a caddie.
a caddie is also the person who carries a golfers golf clubs during a match.

S.W.O.T analysis on golf industry in Australia?

a looper. I call him dedicated, cause I'm too lazy to carry my stuff. I'd rather save to play 18 with a cart, than bust my back with a heavy bag for a cheap 9.. If the golf player is you, hope you have a great round, man! :-)

What are some good contests for a golf scramble?

a caddy

Graphite, Steel, Composite, Other?

I hate black people. They deserve to die. Fuk all niggaz eh?

What are the top 5 municipal golf courses in Oregon?

a physically fit golfer? ever try 18 with a full bag?

What is the the best golf gift for my husband? Suggestions?

He is called a golfer.

Top 10 Golfers in History?

I carry my own bag every time, and i'm neither lazy, nor broke.
Anyone that looks down on me has issue's of their own.

Does the Royal Liverpool Golf Course in England have a sprinkler system in the fairways?

An idiot. Get a cart. Nobody cares how physically fit you are.

Where can I find Payne Stewart's (famous golf player) clothing line logo? He wore winshirt at 1999 U.S.OPEN.


Whats better?

Star, you forgot cheap. I carry my bag because I'm too cheap to spend a buck for the push cart.

Or how about fat. I thought carrying my bag this year and walking might trim a little weight off the midsection.

I spent $40 on a new stand bag. By golly, I plan on getting every penny out of the legs on that thing.

Sport base ball rule's?

A walker.

I wonder how the video camera man film the golf ball flying through the air before it land somewhere?

The real thing.

It is how the game is meant to be played.

Any recommendations on a new set of Golf Clubs??

A true golfer, one that enjoys the game and is physically fit enough to carry his bag, clubs, equipment and walk for 3 hours.

How do you take the govenor off of a golf cart so it'll go faster?

an amatuer.

Children at age of 20 would like to take full time golf studing in Manila, pls help to give email address?

A caddie.

Where can i find the money won from today's masters tounament?

Too cheap to pay for a cart!

Looking for a golf league for women for all skill levels in the greater Cleveland area?

I agree with Mt Zion's answer

What do I need to do to become a greenskeeper?

A hoofer.

Ryder Cup futility?


I purposly spelled it RONG

Any fun golf drills?

someone id like to play golf with .

Golf Help: how to stop Hitting the grass too early. divots are behind the tee?

A walker is the right answer. But, for those of you who ride, you should try walking once (make sure it's not a hilly course). It helps you judge the distance better, you get a better feel for the course, you're less distracted by the banter that goes on in the cart and that's how the pros play!

Looking for a golf pro near Ventura,CA. Want to shoot 90 in 6 months,playing twice a week.?

getting proper exercise...

Tiger Woods fans.?

a person who wants to stay healthy.

Do golf balls go bad with age?

Depends on you! I carry sometimes because i have alot of nervous energy and carrying my clubs settles me down and gives me more time to think about my next shot as Im walking to it.

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