Why do people assume that they could beat Tiger Woods up in fight just because he is a Golfer?

Question:I think Tiger Woods would be a dangerous fighter for many reasons:

Great hand speed and power: His incredible club head speed and ability to recover from thick rough. What about his uppercut fist pumps.

His desire to win at anything: He will not just stand there and let you beat him up. He hates to lose, so he will do everything in his power to win and he will never give up.

Fitness: He works out every single day and lifts weights. He is dedicated to physical fitness. He certainly won't tire out.

His wife is a kickboxing expert and Tiger has had lessons with her.

I'm not saying he'll beat everyone up, but just don't assume that you can beat him up when you haven't even seen him fight. Just because you don't like his cursing or club throwing, doesn't mean you could beat him up.


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When Woods was at Stanford, he, and all the athletes, were tested for strength and compared to body weight. Tiger Woods was the strongest, pound for pound, of any athlete in any sport. (I wish I could supply the link, it was in Sports Illustrated, maybe 10-12 years ago). I think he would avoid a fight if he could- he's a gentleman, but if cornered and the options to avoid were not there, he would kick some serious butt, I believe.

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well to be honest... I have always been picked on and made fun of for taking after my dad as a proffesional golf pro. All of my friends make fun of me and laugh at me but to me its just another sport. In there refernce to golf they call it a ** sport cuz they are all Footballers

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The guy is just driven to succeed. In whatever endeavor he takes on. I am sure fighting would be the same, however unlikely due to his incredible character and focus on the sport he loves.

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I guess because he is a golfer and people don't think they are in good shape like other athletes. But Tiger is a work out maniac and I have seen the guy in person and let me tell you he is diesel. I don't know whether he can fight or not, but this man is one conditioned athlete.

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What has all this got do with golf I should sincerely like to know??

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