36 volt ez go cart for golf only. Can you replace the 6 volt batteries with three 12 volt (marine) batteries?

I am wanting to replace batteries. I can purchase 12 volt batteries cheaper, plus there would be less wait to pull around the golf course. Is this possible, and will they hold up?


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You would think this would work, and they would probably work for a while, but you won't get near the range out of the cart using 12 volt batteries vs 6 volt. The 3 12 volt batteries don't contain enough 'plate area' in them when compared to 6 of the 6 volt batteries. That's why 3 12 volts weigh less than 6 of the 6 volts. But what you are losing in weight, you are also losing in 'plate area'. What I mean by plate area is the actual surface of the metals, separated by acid, that make up each battery cell. This surface area is what dictates how much electrical storage capacity a given battery has. And 6 of the 6 volt batteries have much more total plate surface area than 3 12 volt batteries.

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You can get 36 volts like that but the amperage is what you need to take a look at.Are the combined amps of the 3 batteries equal to the 36 volt battery.Just guessing I would say they are not.

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There are a couple of important things.
First of all, you obviously need the same capacity in amp.hrs to give you the same range.
Also you need a battery that has plates designed to give you the high currents that you need. If you try to draw high currents for extend periods from batteries not designed for the job, the plates will buckle and eventually short out.
Batteries are generally designed for a specific job and replacing them with a product designed for a different job is not a good idea and will not save you money in the long term.

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Theoretically You could. The Problem is that You would be cutting Your Amperage Capacity in 1/2 , and therefore, Your "Run Time". Calculate the Amperage of Three 12 Volt Batteries, and Six, Six Volt Batteries. Also, will You have to Modify the Battery Holder Tray beneath the Seat ? 12 Volt Marine Batteries are fairly expensive, as compared to regular Car Batteries, about $70 each. That's over $200. The Six Volt Batteries would probably amount to the same Price, and provide twice the "Run Time". I'd go with the Original Six Volt Setup.

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If you have the room, wire six (6) 12 volt batteries in series - parallel. That way, you can double you capacity.

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