Any tips on how not to get easily tired playing 18?

I play for my school, and it is a requirment that we walk the course vs. getting a cart. I get tired easily and often stop concentrating on my shots. Instead I concentrate on how much longer I have till I'm done. Any tips?


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Many people have told you to work on your ability to walk. (Actually 7,000 yards is close to 4 miles).

I agree that you need to be in cardovacular shape to do that part.

What is often not realized by beginning players is the amount of strength you need to play golf. Particullarly abs, glutes, shoulders and lower back. Do weigth training to do build these muscles, without losing you flexability. To do this, high reps with low weights. You are going to have 72 explosive motions over 4-5 hours. (Okay I usuually have closer to 90 explosive motions.)

Talk to your coach amount specifics.

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wow.. cry me a river.. walking is tough

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Work out a little bit.

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just get a rolling cart for your bag

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You can always try to exerise more so you can builded up your stanama

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Eat healthy foods prior to playing such as bananas. The extra energy helps you keep going.

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Cardiovascular exercises can go a long way in building your endurance. Try running/jogging a few miles a week and increase slowly as you feel comfortable with whatever distance you decide to run. If you have access to a treadmill/elliptical, that's another option also.

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Make sure you take a candy or snack break so your blood sugar doesn't go too low.Hydrate with water.No Caffeine drinks.Walk several miles a day when not playing to build your muscles up.Wear a good hat or cap because the sun can tire you out.

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Drink water and build up your cardio a little it helps wonders.If that doesn't work drink a red bull or two.

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What I do is try to drink a ton of water 48 hrs. before the round. Also, bring plenty of granola bars, and water in your bag. Get plenty of sleep the night before

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On your days off I would start walking and jogging to work on your endurance.

During your rounds, make sure to stay well hydrated.

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