Any thoughts on new driver? Titleist fans and non fans, your opinions please.?

D1 or D2. What shaft options? Which would be your preference for a low penetrating ball flight. I don't care about forgiveness on miss hits. I want more roll after carry.


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The D2 is less forgiving. Ball flight is largly determined by loft and shaft. I am good friends with my titleist rep and got some of the earliest demos in March, so the ones I have came with last year's shafts ( speeder and grafalloy blue ). I have a problem with computer fitting because the salesperson can adjust the computer to sell you whatever they want. The best way to get the results you want is to go to a demo day or have your pro shop loan you the demo clubs and hit them on the range.

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Obviously D1 is more forgiving and D2 is for more serious golfer or pro depending on how you would hit the ball. The roll after carry depends on how you hit the ball, that is your swing and the loft of the driver, 7.5 degree gives more roll than 11.5.

I have been using Titleist driver for quite a long time, many of them and I did upgrade them as soon as new ones came out. until recently, I switch to Nike Sas, now Sumo. I found Titleist is very stiff and hard to hit than Nike, which give me 10-20 yards longer. The most recently I switch to Taylormade SuperQuad and I even get another 20 yards more. I mean the first time I use it, I hit the ball over the head of the group in the front twice that they reported me to the club pro.
The problem is with Superquad they are so complicating and I have to soften my right hand otherwise the ball will hook furiously at the end. I read the manual (yes there is a manual), it says the configeration I have of the weighting system will make the club to do that. I haven't tried the SuperQuad TP which the spec say the club face open one degree but I think that will help me get rid of the hook at the end.
Driver these days are complicated, they don't make the neutral club and let we do the hooking and fading like we should.
Well, that's my idea.

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The best way to choose is to go hit the drivers at a golf store with a computer monitor. The monitor will you the ball speed, ball spin, flight, direction and distance. Most stores will have the same manufacture driver in different lofts and different shafts. Once you find one that works to your liking, see if there is a store or range that will let you hit them on the range or on the course(tougher to do), and see the actual flight. I have had Titleist, Taylor Made, and currently use the Ping G5. I liked all of them, it's just that the Ping works best for me now. You may want to go with one of the Taylor Made drivers with the adjustable weights and create your low ball flight.

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D1 and D2 refer to the swing weight. Not sure what this has to do with a low ball flight. Generally speaking the stiffer the shaft the lower the ball flight, but that's not the criteria I'd use. Bottom line is that unless you just want to do the guess / trial and error thing you need to get 'fit' by a qualified club fitter using a launch monitor. This will be far more effective than guessing on you own.

Titleist makes excellent clubs, btw. There are several other comparable manufacturers as well. Really it just comes down to personal preference. Remember the saying: "It's not the arrow, it's the Indian"

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