Any tips on improving my mid range and long range chipping?

Question:I'm improving my golf game everytime I go out there, I am consistently getting off the tee, and my putting is improving. However I am still struggling with my mid-range and long range chipping (distances greater than 20 yards but less than 150 yards) My problem appears to be at contact, I keep chunking it or I make good contact and hit it too hard.

Anyone got some tips on how I can consistently have my club face in the correct position at the point of contact?


Where do you drop the ball,,,,,,?

Try and feel as though your hands are leading the clubhead through the hitting area (shaft leaning forward) and that the back of your left hand faces the target at impact. You want your divot to start after the ball. Good luck.

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try moving the ball a little bit back in your stance. chunking it means you are hitting the ground before the ball, so try moving it back so that you are hitting the ball first

also make sure your arms are not bending at the top of your swing, if your arms bend, they tend to drop on the front swing, and then straighten rite before contact, which will make you hit the ground first. keep your arms strait the whole wing (think about your arms making a "V" and not breaking the "V" until after contact)

also make sure your grip is good. if your choking the club your gonna skull it and hit it alot harder than you want to

try these tips and see wut helps

also just go to the range and find out wut te perfect club is for each distance. hit your irons and see wut goes how long

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If you are a little further out like that, don't try and get fancy with it.

Play the ball in your stance like you would if you were taking a full swing. Just throttle down your swing along the normal plane. It takes some practice and getting used to, but it takes away all the variables that could mess things up and leaves it up to you and hitting it the right distance.

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Try this, try that, blah, blah, blah. You nor anyone that responded didn't mention anything time spent practicing. The game of golf doesn't fall out of the sky and land in your lap. At least you've recognized where to improve and cut strokes off your score.

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