Can anyone tell me if I can watch the US Masters on Italian, French or German TV?

I am working in Geneva just now and get all these channels on TV but only 1 British one. Any help would be appreciated.


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In Germany you can get Premiere and it shows all the golf. If you have a Satelite that can get BBC1 then you can watch it on that. Many Irish bars have Sky subscriptions in the UK and then illegally take the equipment over to Germany. In Italy I would imagine you will get the golf on Sky and I have no idea about France. Once again though if you have a Satelite than can get BBC then you will be OK.

As for the Internet, I believe Amen Corner is only available in the UK but I may be wrong. Good luck anyway.

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It is not full coverage but you can watch AMEN corner on your computer. It runs for much of the day. I sneak it on during day here at work.

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Try, Sentanta Golf, Channel!! or Sky

(The link below)

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