Any unwritten rules on golf etiquette?


Why old peoples play golf?

act like you are in church. be a gentleman or a very nice lady. dont shout. throw clubs. stand next to someone meaning in the corner of their eye. dont step on someones line on the putting green. dont get mad. if u cant handle ur temper then leave. and dress properly. dont spit chewing tobacco on the greens. or leave a cigarette burning. and dont play jokes on people behind you. if u cant handle yourself on a golf course for a game. and yes it is just a game. then marriage good jobs, good credit being a good parent probably aren't something u do well. enough said.

How much money would you pay to play a round of golf with Tiger Woods?

HmmMMMm don't walk infront of someone's ball on the green OOoOO and I found out if you spread your legs wider than shoulder legnth I get better distance....try it out

Does anyone have Kirk Currie putter grips for sale?

Don't stand behind someone when hitting or putting,don't step on anyone line,stand still and be quiet when anyone is playing a shot !!

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