Analysis of the playing characteristics and performance differences of various golf balls.?


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1. Harder golf balls, some call them two piece, they are promoted for distance - these balls will go further than the other types. The ball will hook or slice less and will not stop on the green as well as the other types. This ball is harder to fade or drawl. This ball will bounce higher than the other balls if dropped on a hard surface

2. This ball is built for feel but has a harder cover - You get good distance but not as good as the 1st. The ball will stop on green a little better and will move around a little more. This ball will have some spin on it.

3. Softer ball - This ball has more feel to it. The ball spins so it will hood or slice more. The ball stops on the greens. You can move the ball around. This ball is very pricey and not as durable.


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Nike and Callaway are the best!

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If you are dead serious to know it, go to the sites below. I think there are two brands that are producing very good and serious balls that used by most pros in the PGA at the moment; which is Titleist and Nike. I like Titleist ProV1x, supposedly a lower ball flight that the ProV1, but they are very expensive (Nike had to sponsore Michell Wie and Tiger Woods). Just hit two into the water in the last hole on Sunday, still cry over them! Read the site below, they tell you every thing about golf balls.

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