Any recommendations on a new set of Golf Clubs??

I am currently playing with my Great Grandfathers 1942 Northwestern Woods and Irons (shot a 109 on Wednesday!! Ouch!). Haven't played in a few years and just picked the game back up. I'm going to "2nd Swing" Golf Shop on Monday and don't know what the difference is between brands. Modestly priced please!! I tend to slice the ball and am hitting my driver about 175-190yds. I would like some added distance, but control is what I NEED! SOMEONE HELP before I spend $1000 on clubs that I hate!


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Go to a local golf store and hit with many different bands. See which ones fit your swing and your budget.

I went to the local Golf Etc. They were helpful and patient. They alos had an indoor hitting range for me try out different brands. The sales people were great help. I told them my concerns and my golf habits. They gently guided me in a good direction.

After you hit with them makes notes of the ones you liked. Research them on the internet. This way you have an idea of the main competition and their technology.

I bought an entire set of Ping G5s. I love them. They fit me perfectly. I did have them custom fitted (as they should be), and I could not be happier.

The big issue is to take your time to make sure you buy what you love. A good set of golf clubs will last you years, so, think of them as an investment.

Good luck and have fun trying them all out :-)

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I have a set of Ram woods that I have gotten several compliments on, and they are VERY affordable. There are a couple of lesser-knowns on the Tour that use them, so they're not a knock-off or anything like that. I bought my set new 5 years ago, and I think I paid $250 for the set from my local (overpriced) pro shop. Check them out.

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Do your homework on the best clubs to fit your needs, then hit the shops and try before you buy. Some stores have loaners that you can take on the course. No offense, but almost anything you use that was made in the last 10 years will beat those '42 clubs. Yikes.

My husband and I like Cleveland. That's us, though. Good luck!

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go to golfsmith.over there there is a computer and staff will guide you which set will work for.or go to hope you will find the love set.

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I would say perhaps Callaway. Their new clubs have bigger heads that are also deeper, making everything in general easier.

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I found a set of vulcan golf club in ebay for 48.00 there nice. very forgiven

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I had a bad problem with my driver. I bought a king cobra 454 comp and i love it. My slice is gone and i consistently hit it long. I have taylor made rac irons and I love them also but i have heard from alot of people that the cobra irons are really good.

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To be honest with you the type of clubs that you have won't change your game instantly. If you can afford new clubs thats great, but until you can refine your game to the high eighties it isn't a great idea to spend a lot of money on it.

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it dpends on your height if your over 5"9 you should get custom clubs becuse the grips shouldnt be comfortable on your hand if you are undr that requirement callaway has some great sets for all kinds of golfers & nike for particular golfers

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I would recommend the PING g5 series of clubs. You can usually buy the set of irons for about 800 bucks, for a golf equipment store. You wont be finding these in Modells or Dicks Sporting Goods. These are the most forgiving irons that I have ever used and I think that they would help a player just returning to the game. For a driver my advice is something from Taylor Made. The r5 series is a good choice since they recently came out with the r7 series you can get the older model which I think is just as good for a decent price.

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