About how much would it cost to switch a set of 4-pw irons from graphite to steel?

By re-shafting them


Looking for a funny name for our 4 woman mini golf team. I was thinking Golf Tease. Got anything better?

You are way better off selling those clubs. Just think about it its going to cost at least $70-90 bucks a club and when you are done the swing weight is going to be much different you may hate the way they feel afterwards. $80 x 7 clubs is $560 you can find very good iron sets for that much.

Any thoughts on new driver? Titleist fans and non fans, your opinions please.?

Very difficult to say, there are many variables, Make of club, how the shaft is inserted. To give you an idea, I had a 7-iron reshafted with a no-name shaft, that cost approx $70.

Personally I woulnt recommend it, I'd just buy another set. or consider a trade-in

In golf what is the most illegal for distance golf head driver out there.thanks. the brand?

Got to agree with the comment that it would probably be wiser to buy a whole new set than reshaft. You could go out and get a club fitting and then buy what truly suits your swing.

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