Any ideas for Corporate Golf Prizes?

Question:Need some good prizes for longest drive, nearest pin, winning team, best individual etc.

Already thought of hotel and golf stays, hampers, trophies / medals and even a car.? The more extravagant and unusual the better. Thanks


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Not quite sure whether the folks who will be taking part are amateurs or professionals but you may want to put a goodie bag together for ALL participants and include the item detailed at:

This will demonstrate that you have really thought about the contents of the bag. Include vouchers etc., for folks to buy small items of golfing equipment.

For main prizes why not a first class holiday to a 5 Star luxury resort to include a golf pass for the duration of the holiday.

Tickets and a VIP pass to the next big professional golfing tournament (all expenses paid).

Advanced golf lessons/masterclass with a top professional golfer.

You could also offer engraved golf clubs and professional designed clothing for the golf course.

A fully kitted out golf buggy.

Hope this helps


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Their own golf course?

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crystal is always traditional. I myself won a decanter once for best back 9.

Also you can get engraved plate glass trophies.

The golf society I play in is an Irish one, so theres always nice bottles of Alcohol somewhere on the prize stand ie old single malt whiskies etc.

Whisky and golf goes well together I reckon

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you can buy an insurance policy for about $400 to award $1million for "hole in one" prize on a designated hole

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Golf Bags
Gift vouchers from the pro shop
Hampers of liquor and chocolates
Gas barbecues
The list is endless

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I do these all the time for my company. I know you want unusual but my humble advice is that people dont want unusual. They want something of value. May sound boring but a gift certificate to the pro shop is the best. People get what they want and it's free shopping which makes it fun. Plus, you'll get bonus points from the pro because he's getting a cut of the action.

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Try they have some interesting golfing memorabilia which can be awarded as prizes or auctioned to raise funds.

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