A question about the Thursday broadcast of "The Players Tournament".?

During the first round broadcast of The players Tournament last week I recall one of the commentators mentioning a putting statistic concerning the percentage of putts holed out between 2 and 3 feet on tour this year. This stat. has Tiger Woods ranked second to last. Personally, I couldn't believe it. Did anyone else hear this and where can I go to verify this statistic?


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Actually, that's very easy to believe. How many pros you know of that miss 2-3 foot putts. They are few and far between. If you have a couple of rounds where you can't seem to find the hole, it's easy to move that stat. Keep in mind also that the statistics for all the pro golfers are pretty close together so a drop in 1 or 2 percentage points could move you pretty far down the list.

www.pgatour.com has all the stats you could think of but not the one your asking about.

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I find that almost impossible to believe. I think the commentator must have gotten the stat wrong or something, becuase I heard somewhere that he has only missed like 1 putt inside 3 feet this year. That was a couple tournaments ago when he had the chance to win and he missed the putt, but i forgot the tournament.
I'm sure you can find the stat on the PGA Tour website, or even the Golf Channels website.

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That can't be right, I'd think he'd be near the top of that category.

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