Anyone following the LPGA?

I love the tour, Miyazato is my favorite golfer!! anyone wanting to discuss the weekly events please send my a line. Who are everyone elses favorites on the ladies tour?


Golf Lessons for Women?

Yeah, I like the LPGA. Virada Nirapathpongporn of Thailand is who I follow. She's a graduate of Duke University, US Women's Amateur Champ, NCAA Women's Golf Champion and a second year player in the LPGA. By the way, she received a scholarship from Duke AFTER she graduated for grad school because her undergraduate performance, academically, was excellent. (Of course she attended Duke on an athletic scholarship.)

I'd like to see more of the LPGA on TV.

Could someone please tell me how many dimples on a golf ball ?? and why do cricket balls ahve none ??

I like ms. piggy. she's good

When will tiger woods play again.?

well do u play because u look pritty good in your pic there and if ur a golfer u would be my favortie! lol But my favorite golfer is Mark Bookmier!!

Who are the top ten golfers of all time?

I like any of the lady golfers that are hot.for some reason, I just don't want to sit and watch Patty Sheehan and the likes wearing shorts, or a skirt, out on the golf course. You, on the other hand, do not fit in this category. FORREEE!

Is it really possible to cure a slice?

I follow it to some extent. I don't really have a favotite golfer though.

What is the time zone diffence between the eastern U.S. and Thailand.?

I love the LPGA for a couple of reasons. 1. The Husbands of the Players are "SO" supportive and man that's awsome. If the Players are married its usually the Husband that Caddies for them. I think that stinkin sweet. 2. It looks as though they " the Players" are just blessed to be out there.

I would have to say that my two favorite golfers are Annika and Natalie.

What year were there 5 holes in one scored at the masters par three tournament?

Yea i follow natalie gulbis.

When do's digger land open.?

Yes I follow it, every tournament they have. I follow Morgan, Paula and Natalie. I try to watch the coverage they have on TV for every tournament, but if I can't I will always check the scores to see how everybody is doing.

Golf is so a sport i know that for a fact!! It is a sport right?

I follow occasionally...I like to keep track of Paula, shes from Pleasanton, a half hour from my home town in the bay area, Brittany Lincicome...she hits it deep, good to see she won a couple of starts already, Mi Hyun Kim plays so well for someone her size, barely over 5 feet tall 8 tour wins one this month, I think its great Morgan Pressel won her first this year and that it was a major, I always thought she would break thru before Wie...a sigh of relief for Suzann Petersen...she finally got her first tour win (as well as the first for any Norwegian) especially since she let that tournament get away from her last month with a bogey bogey double finish... Lorena always plays pretty sound, good mechanics...ok, I do follow a little bit more than occasionally...

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