Any information on the new square golf clubs and also the clones to them?


What is the year of my harley davidson golf cart seral #3b17111j0?

They are supposed to be the best drivers on the market and has more impact on the ball because of the different shape.

Who treated Jose maria Olathabal's Foot problem that almost ended his career,and what was the cure ?


Very forgiving
Very straight
High MOI


VERY loud
Slight loss of distance
Looks weird.

The clones are not good on these because they have the same shape, but not the same materials. The new square drivers use multiple m,aterials in them, while clones just use one titanium.

How does the camera man know where the golf ball is when in the air?

they are very forgiving. as far as clones, the integra soo long quadratic is getting good reviews. checkout

Nike Sling Shots OSS?

I played w/ a guy that always drives all over the place he demoed the Callaway Fti he hit 12 fairways said its worth every penny of the $425 bucks.

Whos going to win the ryder cup?

they are designed to be the straigtest drivers ever but you do lose much distance. I personally think that they arent that good but it depends on the way you play.what they do is move the weight away from the center of gravity which helps hit straight. They are VERY loud. I would prefer that new king cobras over any of the squared clubs anyday

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