"Limited Range" golf balls, range balls.?

My local range uses range balls that state "LIMITED RANGE" on them. I was shocked to find that there are range balls out there that reduce the distance you can hit your golf club. I'm interested to know how* short one can expect these balls to fly, irons and woods please. Thanks!


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It depends on the brand of ball. Ask at the range. They should have that information or should be able to obtain it from the vendor that sold them the balls. Limited range balls are used when there is not enough room for a full range. Some of them have a feel that is very similar to a regular golf ball. There are even golf courses sent up specifically for this type of golf ball.

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isnt it BS they use these- I would find a new range so you can really test your clubs and swing. If you really want to know you should ask the range manager. give them a call

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Yeah, it's really stupid.

What's the point of practicing if you can't tell how far you hit your clubs. That's one of the reasons you even go to a range.

Go find a better driving range in your area.

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You need to start going to a better Driving Range that has real golf balls , that is the only way you can get positive feedback from your clubs and know exactly how far you hit each one .

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Generally, range that have limited distance balls are set-up (or should be) with markers that account for the loss of distance.

So, the marker or target that says 150 yds, might only be 110 from the tee box (depending on how much distance the balls lose).

You should talk to the pro and see if they compensate for the limited range balls with adjusted markers. If they do, and the balls feel ok, your all good. If not, drive the extra mile to a better range.

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