5-Wood vs. 3-Hybrid?

Question:Hey everybody!

Okay, I'm getting a new golf set, and I don't know whether to get a 5-Wood or a 3-Hybrid. They both have the same loft (19*).

I am definately getting a 3-Wood and a 4-Hybrid, just can't decide between a 5-Wood or a 3-Hybrid.

The wood is Taylormade r7 Ti. The hybrid is Taylormade Rescue Dual.

As I said before, they both have 19* of loft.

I've hit both and I can hit the wood 10-15 yards farther than the hybrid, but the hybrid is easier to control, hit straight, and goes higher.

In my current set, I have a 3 and 5 Wood, but I rarely ever use the 5-Wood. So I'm leaning towards the hybrid.


Hybrid, or Wood?
More control, or more distance?

Do you think it looks weird just to be carrying one wood around if I go with the hybrid?



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I'm in a similar place as you. I am looking at a new hybrid (19 degree Cleveland Halo or Hibore). It depends on how far you hit it. I'm around an 8 Hdp, and i will use the hybrid to reach par 5's in two.
So if you are the same, you should take the accuracy of the hybrid over the additional yardage of the 5 wood, and if you need the extra yards, just take a smooth 3 wood.

Dont worry about only having 1 wood, I have a driver, 3 wood, and a hybrid which i took out of the bag for a few months.

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Hey Kurren, You have a what 14 handicap? I would probably go with the hybrid because right now precision is better for someone is on the verge of getting into single digits. Since you or getting a 2.5k set i don't think money is an issue so go with the hybrid until you break 10 then work on the 5 wood because you can probably hit the ball farther than so a 3 wood would be to much and the hybrid would be too short.

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Control trumps distance any time. besides if you win all the time .who cares if they think you're wierd...Imagine them explaining that they got their butts handed to them by the wierd dude lol

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Here is my suggestion. First of all, are you a long hitter or not so long? If you are a long hitter, forget about the 5 wood and toss another wedge in your bag. You will find yourself using the wedge a lot more than the 5 wood. Whether it be a gap wedge or if you dont already have one, a lob wedge.
If you dont hit very far, play with both the 5 wood and hybrid. You will find that a lob wedge wont really do you very much good because you wont really be in range to use it. And if you find yourself in need of a high shot around the green, just open up the club face on a sand wedge and take a sharp blow.

PS- from what i have seen, players at your skill level that dont hit long are finesse players around the green. And players that do hit long are not so good around the green.

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most 5 woods have more distance than their hybrid counterparts, but a hybrid can help you be more consistent. If ballstriking isn't your problem, get a 5 wood. I have a 5 wood and a 4-iron taylor made hybrid, and I tend to go with the 5 wood in fairway situations or light rough because of the distance

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5 woods are a really fun club if you can hit them the right way. My 5 wood, its my best club. The thing between the 2 is if you want more club on the ball, hybrid is the way to go. but the 5 wood will be able to get up in the air more. The thing that I notice with my hybrid, is the extra weight put into the club makes it a less accurate club but an easy club to get the club on. I would say 5 wood, especially if you want a taylormade r7 ti, thats a great club.

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I have no troble controlling the 5 wood and its longer. 5 wood

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Kurren what's wrong with your 3 and 4 iron ?

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