After tiger woods which player is sensationaly the best in golf?


What are the top three golf courses in Las Vegas (public or semi-private) except Shadow Creek?

Phil Mickelson, for shure. woods has had his turn being the best and now i think its time for him to move along and let sum other pro.s get the spotlight!

What should I look out for when buying a used set of golf clubs?

Phil Mickelson.

Can you just join the highschool golf team or you have to tryout?

this is assuming of course, that tiger woods is a sensational player, he didnt do very well in his last game

Is it worth it to go to US Open (PGA) Practice Round?

Right now it is Phil Mickelson and then Tiger Woods.

Do you think michelle wee should be in male tornaments?

Woods is very talented, but does not always win every major tournament...he often loses and has even been known to miss the cut for the final day! So maybe when he retires we may be able to call him the best, but thats in the future.

At the moment, he is one of several top names in world golf, but the 'best' is still arguable..

I neeb to find the list of golfers in the may pga tournament?

Tiger Woods sucks right now. Maybe if he played in a few more tournaments instead of sailing around on his yacht he might get his game back. It really sucks when you enjoy watching a certain player but he only plays every 4 or 5 tournaments.

I am looking to sponsorship to play golf on a mini tour?

In Men's golf it has to be Phil.

In women's however people must always remember what Annika is doing in the LPGA.

Do I need new golf clubs?

After Tiger, it's Phil right now.

But, I think Annika Sorenstam has been dominating the LPGA for years.

Best online stores to buy used golf clubs from besides eBay?

i ammmm totallyyyyyyy

What is the best golf bag with all the gadgets and gizmos...carry/stand style?

living, phil mickelson just because he lost the u.s. open this year doesnt mean anything he just got out lucked i guess

How do you pronounce "nickent"? (a golf company)?

Annika is on steroids.. look at her clam its huge!

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