Any good tips for a newbie?

I have decided that I need to learn how to golf since my company holds several tournaments throughout the region. Are there any recommendations/tips out there for a first time female golfer?


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I recommend taking lessons at Golf Galaxy, they record everything you do, and you're able to watch yourself on the web. It's a good way to keep fresh in your mind all the things that you learn from the pro. They're not too too expensive, and well worth it I think.

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The thing that imrpoved me the most was when I realised that if all you focus on is hitting the ball really hard, you'll probably tense up and mis-hit it. Concentrate on a smooth swing action and making as smooth a contact with the ball as you possibly can. You'll be surprised at how far it goes without even trying. Then once you master that, you can attempt to put more power into your shots.

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Hit the people that make fun of you with your big club... hard

In the age of Tiger why is the sport of golf still dominated by old men who are racist women haters?

Take lessons. You will start out well ahead of the curve that way.

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Watch Annika Sorenstam a lot. Do what she does.

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Going out and playing right away might not be a good decision since golf isn't that much fun when you can't hit the ball. Not much fun for other people in your group either. You might get a bad taste, frustrated or lose interest in the game entirely.

If you're truly serious about learning to play you have to make a commitment. I'd highly recommend a few lessons so you can learn and develop solid fundamentals. Golftec is a great place for lessons if you have one nearby.

Check out
(I do not work there or get any money from them. I took lessons there and they helped me tremendously.)

After that, practice on the range or wherever you can for a while and when you can't wait to play anymore put all your practice to the test. When you're done, evaluate your game and go practice some more. They key here is practice. Not just beat balls and swing a thousand times. Practice with a purpose, specific drills, targets, goals etc. Places like golftec can teach you all that stuff.

In 6 months you could go from newbie to decent golfer or even better.

Hope that helps. Good thing for you is that you're starting from ground zero. You probably will improve quickly in the beginning so it's important to learn solid fundamentals first.

Similar to Karate Kid - Mr. Miagi teaching Danielson learning to "paint the fence" and "sand the floor".

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Check this out:

It's all for beginners.

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I would say start at a local driving range with rental clubs and try hitting a few. If you enjoy it may want to look into getting a set for yourself. I would also recomend going to a PGA pro for lessons, either at a local course, range or retail store. And practice practice practice.

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RUN..don't start if you do not want to face aggravation and all seriousness get a lesson and go from is fun but can be expensive and addicting but I can't imagine a more fun game that people of all age and gender can play.....

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get some basic tips from friends or colleagues who are average golfers and you know they can hit pretty well. when you're getting the hang of it, get a coach.

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I'd say "Aronl" gave you really good advice. I'm a woamn golfer and the gal in our town said the best thing I could do would be to take a few lessons--- she could teach me but then I might learn her bad habits! She didn't want me to do that ! I took six lessons(needed more but couldn't afford more! LOL!). I've never been sorry I did! I still golf like a Singer Sewing Machine programed for zig-zag, but I have fun. I've been in the 90's too and that isn't bad for a person who didn't start golfing until I retired. I just hope you have fun!

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lessons, lessons, lessons.practice, practice, practice.

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