When ever I try to use a Sand Wedge, I screw up my shot!?

I can use a 9 iron and a pitching wedge easy but I cant use a sand wedge. Why do you think it happens and is there anyway to help my problem


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Can I get more info?

What are the results when you use your sand wedge?
Are your problems in the sand, fairway or rough?

Typically its

fat shots
(hitting the ground behind the ball sending the 1/2 the distance you intended to)

or thin shots
(catching the ball in it's middle causing it to fly fast and low)

The main reason why it is a difficult club to hit from is because it is designed to hit from the sand by having a large bounce on the bottom of the club which prevents the club from digging into the sand. That feature that helps you in the sand, hurts you in the grass because its a harder club to hit down on.

The lower bounce is used for conditions that are firm. Playing a high bounce wedge on a firm course MAY cause you to skull a lot of shots because the wedge is bouncing up when it makes contact with the ground. The rule of thumb is high bounce when conditions are soft and low bounce for firmer conditions.

Good luck and please email me with your specific problem and I can give you a better answer.

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A sand wedge can be a useful club, but it takes a bit of practice to use it properly. By 'screwing up' your shot, I assume you mean you hit the ball thin and "skull" the ball. You have to work on getting the club under the ball. Don't try to lift the ball, just let the club do the work.

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Unlike other clubs, you don't have to slide the club under the ball as much.

Put the ball in the very back of your stance and then hit down on it. Try making a steeper swing.

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Depending on your skiill level the Sand wedge is somewhat different than an 8 iron lets say. The Sand wedge is most likely the shortest club in you bag its also the heaviest. To hit the Sand wedge from the fairway better you must understand that its heavy and has lot of loft. Many beginners get no distance with this club because they slide right underneath the ball and it go 50 yards or the hit it thin over the green. To hit this club better you must set up to the ball better make sure your stance is narrow play the ball a bit back towards your right foot if your right handed. The biggest thing is to make sure a small amount of weight is on your Left side this promotes downward contact eliminates skulling and sliding underneath the Ball. With all shorter clubs you must make sure your standing the correct distance from the ball experiment until you feel right. Do all of this and you will hit it better but make sure you play the ball back in stance or you will often get fat shots and thin shots again. The last thing you can check is the length of your sand wedge it may be to short if it is thats no good try getting a wedge or new shaft thats almost as long as your pitching wedge.

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The bounce, the bulb at the back of of the clubhead makes it hard, to use the sand wdge from the fairway. Placing the ball furhter back in your stance will help. However, unless ou practice mutliple times a week controlling distance and trajectory with a sandwich is really hard. The sanwedge is not made for the fairway, if you want more loft than your regular wedge consider a 52 degee or 54 degree gap wedge, but leave the sandwdge for the sand.

I recommend practicing 1/4,1/2 and 3/4 PW shots to and save using the sand wegde form the fiarway or rough for emergencies within 15 years form the green (e.g. pin behind the bunker on a downhill slope

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