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How is a "Best Ball" round played ( a Foursome)


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Depends on what you mean by "best ball." Some people mistakenly refer to a scramble or "captain and crew" tournament as "best ball." In a scramble, everyone in the foursome tees off, they select the best drive and everyone hits their second shots from the spot of the best drive. They then choose the best second shot and everyone hits their third shot from that spot. Continue playing in this manner until the first ball drops in the hole. Their are variations that require the team, for example, to use a certain number of drives by each player.

In Best Ball of Foursome, each player plays his/her own ball, just like a regular game of golf. The team score for each hole is the best individual score of the four players (either gross or net -- with handicap -- depending on the tournament).

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Each player tees off (drives the ball). You then select the best driven ball for your next or approach shot. and so on ,and so on, until on the green. Then select your easiest putt. Both players hit from the same spot so make sure you mark the ball everytime, fairways too.

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A best ball format is when all players play their own ball and you take the lowest score out of all 4 players. Say you get a 3 on a hole and the other players get 4's, the best ball would be a 3. The person above is talking about a scramble, where you take the best shot out of them all, then all the players play from the same spot.

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