Any tips on helping beginner golfer on putting?

i need help on putting any tips?


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Buy a three or two ball putter - one that is well balanced for yourself - Then just practice, practice, practice - take time on reading greens (slopes, banks, dips etc...) aslo get to know your power and distance - these are your key elements - work on those and you will be great

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controling your distance is very important. try to keep yourself in a 2 putt range.

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get golf tee maybe six of them put one two feet from the hole put a ball there,one 4 feet 6 feet and so on,make sure you do not bring the up more like a drag motion

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Practice . I set up to cups in the living roomat each end. Since it is on the rug, makes me belive it is the green. After a while I move the cups to a different location and start again.

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putting is all about feel and reading your line - you have to be able to roll the ball to your desired distance while taking into consideration the break, uphill or downhill, with/against the grain, wind resistance, alot - it all comes down to getting on the putting range and practicing

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1) For long putts over 15ft - pretend you are putting into a bushel basket with the hole in the center. If you miss the putt, you will only have a short putt left.

2) Uphill putts break less than downhill putts.

3) Try to never leave a putt short. "Never up, never in".

4) If you miss and the putt rolls past the hole, watch closely to see how the putt curves. This will give you a good idea how it will break on your next shot back to the hole.

5) Always follow through with your putter after you strike the ball.

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