What is a good average score for a woman golfer?

I am trying to compare and want to know what someone thinks is a good average for a woman golfer!!


Stones are loos impediments, which means i can't move them right?


How much does Tiger Woods caddie get payed?

well if you are inthe 80's you are doing good whether man or women your handicap is set at the tee box

Is there a good cheap beginner golf set in my area?

a score around 80-110

So i hit him.?

Around 100

What is the best golf book to improve one's game?

IQ? Anything better than single digits.

Golf? Somewhere around 90

Does anyone know where i can find a cobra sz440 driver?

Depends how much they have ever played.

It all depneds on how much they play as the more you play and fork out the money, the better you will get!

Whats her name again...?


Why does some other people call me stupid wen im not it?


Are top flight golf clubs good?

well the lower the better but i am always impressed to see a woman shoot in the low 90's.

Who makes which brands of golf equipment?

77-84 from the forward tees(known as red tees, gold tees)
78-88 from the white tees (know as the men's tees)
yes the scores I mention above are very good golfer,but not a pro
anything over 89-115,can be good for an average golfer,, but no one really wants to play like that bad...Plus one must compare honestly,by counting all strokes and any penalty taken..

(golf)how far should i be hitting my irons?

80 - 90 is a good average score

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