Anybody know of any great golf deals on the east coast, that include a few days in a hotel and a few rounds?


What is the toughest golf hole? (obviously your opinion and not a fact)?

Check out this site:

The main site is

If you want to know how to play st. andrews and get paid $6K let me know

Where is the nearest golf course to Calella in spain?

Check out courses in or around Myrtle Beach or Hilton Head. I'm sure there are golf packages that you can purchase.

What do the different numbers on drivers for gold mean?(ex. 360cc, 400cc)?

here in central florida the courses are nearly vacant due to the high 90's temperature. If you can stand the heat, you can play all day for 25 dollars or so. That includes cart and on some courses a hot dog and beer at the turn. Most of the courses are semi private and country club layouts so they suit us old duffers well. Longest courses play out to around 6,800 yards. In Ocala Florida there are probably 40 courses within 40 miles. Over on the east coast of Florida, the summer rates are in effect and most courses play for 35 or less with cart.
New smyrna Beach and The Daytona area have many courses, but most all of them are kinda flat. Central Florida has a few hills.

Are Mitsushiba Mirage II golf clubs good starter clubs?

Denise is right I get a lot of email from them

Where can i enter a design for a putter?

Yea what D.T. said

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