A lateral water hazard is defined by?


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A lateral water hazard is defined by "Red Stakes" or a Red Line. A water hazard is defined by "Yellow Stakes" or a Yellow Line. A lateral water hazard is not defined as being parallel to the hole. It can be any hazard defined by red stakes or red lines.

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I think a lateral water hazard is defined by yellow stakes, but it may be red stakes. A lateral water hazard run parallel to the hole.

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Yellow stakes!

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Visit www.usga.org for all rules of golf.

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it can be different for each course you go to, check on the scorecard and it will tell you

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Red stakes surrounding the pond.

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Markers for all hazards will vary from course to course throughout the union. The USGA allows flexibility and for ,"local rules" to prevail. For instance, we played a course in Hawaii and my friend put one in the water. The designated area for relief, was over the water and 30 yards closer! Course rules dictated they didn't want people "backing" up on the tee side of the water. Go figger.

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red stakes

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