All heelys this?

get this...this is how nice my teacher is, today we disscused ads and what they do to get our attention...our assingment is to write and the teacher will film our add about the product we and my BFF chose Heelys! So we told her we were writing an add about heelys and she said...well i guess you'll have to sk8 through the halls then huh? "Umm...yeah" we both said at the same time...i can't belive it...tomarrow we get to get filmed heelying through the halls...oh, did i mention heelying is against the rules at our school?


How do you find the right size pool cue?

thats awesome. i wish i could do that one day.

What is the world's largest sports stadium. (In terms of human capacity)?

cool. just don't fall over and ruin it!



All star cheerleading qusetions?

omg! ur so lucky..if u had grind plates on ur heelys, u could try grinding down the rails in ur be crazy

Is my workout program good?

i think heelys are stupid

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