100 meter dash time.?

Question:today i had a meet at my school and it was my first time running
i got a 13.18 sec. but was last still in fro/soph boys 1st wave
currently im 15 and about 125 lbs

is this good? i havent really trained though... and i also do pole vault. and 4 by 1 which we got 52... pretty slow. but we didnt practice for that at all and messed up pretty badly on our passes.

are these good times? or should i go faster? whats a good way to go faster?
Thank you~



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You have to practice man. Check this out....
If you're gonna be running the 100 in meets then in practice you need to be running at least 2-3 200's in practice. You always practive at longer lenghts that you will run. Trust me it will help you out. Also use the blocks. When you start out in the blocks your first 6-8 steps need to be low with oyur head low and gradually rise up to an upright position. You have to stay relaxed at all times during the race. Your jaws should be flatting like a dog and you should breath in your nose and out your mouth.

Practice and keep practicing and you'll get better over time. Work on trying to get your time down to at least the low 11.00 by the end of the season. Good luck

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its a pretty good time for your age.

try going up and down the stairs to increase ur stamina and strength. or jog

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you should aim to get down in the low 12s in the 100m, practice your start as it is very important in track and for your relay you really need to get your passes down, stay after practice to work on it if you need, good passes can really cut down your time.

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