Advice on oiling my cricket bat.?

I have recently bought a new bat. My friend has lent me his knocking in mallet and i know how to do it. However, it says i must use linseed oil. I do not have it and i was wondering if anyone else knew another oil i could use. Thanks


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Nope, raw linseed oil is it. Under no circumstances use boiled linseed oil!!

Unless your bat has an artificial covering already, then you don't need to.

You can buy linseed oil from the link at a very reasonable price.

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No, linseed it is. You should be able to get it from your local hardware store.

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if you do not use Linseed oil you might as well put gaffer tape on your bat as it will be knackered within a few knocks especially if you tap the stumps in.

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Linseed oil is the one to use ,Nothing else will do.

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if you are lazy just paint it with once over works a treat...

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