Am i being juged unfairly?

okay well i was practicing herdles for track and this is my first year. Im not bad, but theres still a lot of room for improvment. So i was practicing jumping and fell over the hurdlel. This had been my first fall in four days, and my coach (who was watching) replied by saying " thats why you dont jump hurdles" and it really hurt because the girl who ran in the meet a few days ago fell, ran into a hurdle, and finished last, but is still running in the next race. And i have been practice for 90 mins everyday now and im pretty good, but because of that one day i cant run in my meet cumming up. Am i being juged unfairly?


What are some tips to improve ur speed?

running hurdles is alot harder than it appears. there is a certain technique to doing hurdles. try to learn it and practice practice practice

Help. what quwstions to ask?

yea i think it was unfair i think ur coach should give u a chance. i think u should find a way to show up the other person who is running hurdles to get the hurdle job. i hope u get a chance!

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