1st time playing soccer?

this is going to be my first time playing soccer. i have been playing basketball and been running in track so im pretty much in shape. so i was wondering what stuff do i need, im pretty sure im going to be a goalie, but other than that are there some drills to do to get better with the ball?


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Make sure you have really good shin guards. Not the one's with the strap, the one's that are inside of a stocking type of material are better and they don't fall down or move when they get hit. Have someone help you practice. They can toss the ball at you, try to hit it with your uppermost forehead. Also, practice stopping the ball with your foot and quick-changing it to another direction. It is a great tool to use in a game. Practice drop-kicking the ball as far as you possibly can. If you are goalie you will have to do it and it is great if you can kick it almost as far as the other teams goal:) Practice getting as much height on the ball when you kick it as you can. Keeps someone from stopping it. Never- ever use your hands or arms. You can use your body, your knees or your head. Good Luck and have a GREAT SEASON!! It is a lot of fun and tons of exercise:)

Pls help me?

yeha it is called PRACTICE!

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it really depends on your skills

you need cleats
and pads
i really cant explain it right but i went from goalie to center so

as you can see on my page..i L0VE soccer

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shin guards, goalie gloves if you're going to be goalie. knee pads also, and a goalie shirt (they have padded elbows) just get in the net and have your team shoot some balls in your face. practice makes perfect. don't be affraid the ball can't kill you.


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soccer is a amazing and tiering sport it seems like you will be pretty ready with your background

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I assume this is friendly game with friends/peers... but during the course of a soccer game, a player will run an average of 6 miles. The goalie might run 6 yards. Don't play goalie... that's usually the kid that couldn't play soccer growing up, so they stuck him in the goal to prevent him/her from screwing up the game. They always seem to have some sort of personality disorder too. With that said, if you're going to play goalie all need is gloves, shinguards, and a goalie jersey if you think you're that serious about it. Sorry for being so cynical. I'm sure you'll have a great time playing, and really do try to get out on the field. It's a hell of a lot more fun than standing in a box waiting to get a ball kicked at you.

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