Another question for the people...?

What is your favorite sport(team) and why?What do you enjoy about this sport and do you play it or just watch?


What would be Better as a self defense while in a street fight? Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or Muay thai?

My fav sports team would have to be the detroit pistons considering I'm from michigan and they are just plain awesome. Chaunce,Rip,Sheed,C-Web,and Tay are a great bunch of guys they know how to play as a team and they don't have just one star player(kobe,t-mac). I enjoy playing basketball it is my number one fav sport. I recently played in a three on three, I felt I did good. I knw one thing I can't wait till summer so I can play basketball and spend time with you baby. I love you so much. Summer=BEACH time sweetheart. I can't wait till we go camping together we will watch the sunset each and everynight. Bye bye babe. Love you always

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