Why are the middle lanes "the best" in swimming??

Why do the fastest times and/or heat winners get the middle lanes? Why are they prefferable over the outside lanes? I guess this would hold true for track and probably some other sports also.


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I've heard this many times, I've been a varsity swimmer at my high school for four years. It's because when there are swimmers in every lane of the pool (there are usually 6) swimming at the same times, it creates a sort of current. The middle lanes usually go with this "current" while the two swimmers in the outside lanes are met with a drag. It's sort of like they're swimming against a mini current. It's sort of hard to explain, but I hope I could be of some help! Maybe it's easier of you think of a big wave going through the pool- the strongest part of the wave is in the middle, where the peak is the highest, whereas on the sides the wave's strength dwindles.

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I myself am on a swim team and i prefer middle lanes because it is easier to see side to side and see how far ahead or back I am. If im too much to one side, i wont be able to see across all they way.

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it seems that way doesn't it i guess it is because the ut side lanes get the ripples faster because they are closer to the sideabd the baiunce or go back qui9cker than to the inner lanes

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Middle lanes are the higher seeds, or better times going into the race.

I ran track. if it were an 8lane track, the seeds would go


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it just looks cool in the pool. It is kind of like a flock of birds flying in a V shape. Maybe the people are even drafting off of the person in the middle.

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well i do track. personally i prefer the middle only during a race and not practice. heres why. if your on the inside and your doing an event longer than 100m, you have to run a turn, therfore theres a stagger. if your on the inside lanes, you see everyone in front and that tends for people to run faster than they need to and sometimes burn themselves out. if your on the outside, you may go to slow to make any type of comeback. if your in the middle, you know you're in the middle and your not running your head off.

as for swimming, maybe so they dont get hit by waves that hit the wall and bounce back? i dont know.

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It's the way of the sport. I swim competitively and I personally don't see any difference when I swim on the outer lanes than when I swim in one of the inner lanes. But spectators usually focuse their attention to the middle lanes and that might be reason for the fastest swimmers to be in the middles lanes. it shows how good they are in the event. But then again, I can win a race even if i am in a outer lane. there isn't a difference in where a person is placed because the lane lines prohibit the waves from another lane to enter someone else's.

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