ANY1 WHO HAS ABS ! or has ever punched sumbody who has abs?

Question:Have u ever been punched or punched somebody who has a visible 6 pack in the abs
Was it flexed or unflexed, howd it feel, give details
how and y did it happen


Is Woody Paige not the biggest dumbass of all the retarded sports analysts out there?

The first time I was punched I was boxing my cousin and had a visible 6 pack. I was not flexed or expecting a punch in the gut, and I nearly threw up. Later when we traded punches in the abs I was completely unhurt, but he could not straighten up after only like two punches.

My GF and I trade punches all the time, and we both have visible abs. We have done everything from being unhurt to collapsing in a heap totally breathless. Email me and we can chat some more...

What is the different between a sport shoes and a running shoe?

I have Anti Locking Brakes and really felt like punching it when it showed a warning light for no reason before my cars last road test.

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