$200.00 each for my kids to play football?

I can't believe how much it costs for my boys to play football. The $200.00 does not even include any gear. Do you think that is to expensive? It is for a city league not the school. What do you think? Too much? or about right?


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Well, for each sport you're going to have to spend a little. I agree it is a little bit pricey but my cheerleading costs were much more than that. I believe my mom spent around $300-$400.

Just think of how they will benefit from playing football and imagine the outcomes. If they practice and become very good, they may get a scholarship for college and you might not even have to worry about that!

Just think of having your kids try everything right now until they can get a hold of what they really want.

Having kids is never easy - or cheap ^^

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Wow! that is a lot of money. My son wants to play middle school football I think I will stay with the school. Plus the parents help raise the $ for the team.

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I say it's about right.I pay 80 x 3 boys $240 and $240 for banquet tickets.The fees usually cover insurance,referee fees and trophies.My boys(8,10,11) play for the park district in Chicago.They give me a break by letting me only pay half the registration up until the first game.They get helmets,chest protectors,game shirts and socks. Everything needs to be returned except the socks.Last year I told the head coach that next year I will pay only a reasonable amount for the trophies because I will be skipping the dinner but attending the ceremonies later..He wasn't too happy but I have 6 other parents who are fed up with the high prices for banquet tickets and following my lead.It's a hardship for single parents and parents who have more than one child on the team.

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