Ice skating and rollerblading?

do any ice skaters feel that when they go roller blading they just can't? i was at the roller rink and it was time to skate backwards and i kind forgot there was no toe pick and i fell really bad on my elbow. i was just wondering if any other ice skater have this problem too. i know i should just keep practicing but i need to get a new pair of roller blades since i grew out of my old ones. =]


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haha, yea, the same thing has happened to me, actually. aren't we cool. XD

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I played roller hockey for 6 years and then my high school got an ice hockey team. Ice skating was 10 times easier for me then roller blading. I don't know much about the toe pick or what its for, but I do know that going back to roller blading is harder.

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This happened in an opposite why to me. I used to rollerblade as a kid and as i stopped i started ice skating and I found it extremely different! hah. I don't think i'll try rollerblading..

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