Am I too big to be a flyer?

Now I'm about 5'5 and I weigh about 127 or 126 pounds. I'm going to lose weight so I can be healthier. Right now I'm losing weight and stuff. I'm gonna lose about 13 or 12 pounds. I have alot of muscle, that's why I weigh that much, but I am a little chubby. Do you think that is too much for a flyer? I am also okay at being a base, but being a flyer is much easier for me. I'm going to try out for the middle school cheerleading team. Thanks.


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well it depends on the other people trying out for the squad.
if they are bigger than you, you'll prolly be the flyer.
if they're smaller than you, they'll prolly be the base.
but no, your not particularly too big to be the flyer. i've seen lots of different people be flyers. so it just depends on the others.
good luck!!

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Usually flyers aren't that tall and you do have to be pretty skinny to be one. I am a cheerleader at my school and I also base. All the flyers on my squad are like 90-100 pounds at most. But if you lose a couple pounds you should try out anyway!

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Well, you don't want to be too tall because tall lanky cheerleaders usually aren't flyers (because their weight displacement is different).

This one girl on my squad was extremely skinny but she was so tall that she was about to fall headfirst and the bases were practically crying from her weight.

If you're shorter, the bases have more control over you so they can do stunts.

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No such thing as to tall...I once saw a flyer near 6 foot at a meet.

Being heavier than the bases might hold you back but it really depends on how strong they are...

Oh yeah, and being heavy can be cancelled out by having better balance...Seriously it's easier for bases to hold a 160 dead straight girl than a 100 pound wiggling if you practice (do you have clinics?) as a flyer, you will have experience and you have more of a chance they will take you as a flyer.

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