Am i too old to figure skate??

i'm 14 years old (almost 15 and i love to skate. i started to skate at 8, but then after the lessons were over i stopped. i've always loved to skate, and in september i would like to join the figure skating club here. i don't have any training as far as ballet and gymnastics, and i'm not in the best physical shape. i mean i'm not fat, but i'm not skinny, and i'm not in shape. should i still consider it. i don't want to compete in the olympics or anything, it's just that i love it so much, and i would like to learn to do all the moves that figure skaters can do. i can skate forward and backward and on one foot and stuff like that, but i don't know if i'll be able to do it. do you think i am too old?? and if i'm not, how do i get into shape to start figure skating? thanks =)


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You're certainly not to old to achieve many of the tricks and skills that figure skaters do/have. But it is extremely unlikely you'll reach the professional level (it's long odds even if you start young). But if you're in it for yourself, I say go for it.

The best exercise for any sport is primarily that sport itself. When you can't get onto the ice, go rollerblading. For ballance and conditioning, yoga and ballet are recommended. Some weight training is a good idea.

If you're really serious about this, it's best to have a trainer even for off-ice training. For the actual on-ice training it's an absolute essential. DO NOT try out the more serious routines on your own.

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you are never to old to try! Give it a try, have fun, work at it, give it your best. You will know if it's not going to be the thing for you. If you don't try, you will always be wondering "what if"!!

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You are never to old !! Start going to your local skating rink for practice or start taking lesson's again. This alone will help with getting you in shape. If you like, try some low impact aerobics.

Sound's to me that skating is a passion to you and you love it !! Start skating again, and join that figure skating club in September and have a great time.

Here is a example for you. I was always interested in ballet, took some lesson's as a child then like you stop taking lesson's and like you felt the same way.
When I was 30 ( I know sound's really old ) I started taking ballet lesson's again. I am now 47 and still taking lesson's !!
Do I want to be compete ? No, I just love ballet.

Believe me you are never to old !!!! :)

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