All about skateboarding?

sry its not about skating it just seems to get a hold of people to answer the questions... but please help me/. i need to brake up with my bf but i dont need to brake his heart i already did enough so is there a way that wont hurt him as bad? please.


How can I be a cheerleader?

you are so not going to get any answers on that question! just for doing that i'm not helping you out and i hope nobody else does too. no non skater is going to open your question. so put it up where someone will actually help you!

(not trying to sound mean)

Who is jamie thomas?

That was really dumb don't do that agian,

What is gymkhana?

i hope you dont know any skaters like me. they must not like you

Italian Sports??

even if you do post it with skateboarding as the title.

Although you do get more people to see it, you dont realize that you'll get more answers on singles and dating because they go there to answer questions about singles and dating, whereas us skaters come here to answer questions about skating

so when we see this question, we skip over it

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