Any tips on teaching the strike zone to 8 year olds?

Question:I'm looking for coaching tips on how to explain/show the strike zone to a bunch of 7-8 year old girls.


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Stand a batter against a wall, draw the strike zone for the player on the wall, and have them try and hit the box with a pitch. Let them know that if the player moves around, the strike zone doesn't change. It is always over the plate.

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just explain that the strike zone is typically plate wide with a height going from the batter's knees to the letters on her jersey. they should understand that visual.

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you could tie a bright rope or tape a strike zone on the fence. Have them stan infront of it, an do soft toss with tennis balls, make sure you purposly throw some outsie the strike zone to see if the swing. You can explain, when they miss, where the ball hit the back stop, and discuss how far off of the zone it was

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