A training regime for a marathon?

Could someone please give me a training regime for a marathon I have to run on 30/3/07 thanks.


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If you are running a marathon in 2 days, you should have been running regularly for 16 weeks minimum, and already had a nice long 20 mile run under your belt by now. You would be tapering off to be rested to run this weekend, and hardly running at all by now.

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I'm very sorry but it is far too late to be starting a marathon training regime for a race this weekend. assuming you have done some training then the best thing to do at this point is simply rest.

Most marathon training regimes work their way up to one or two 20 mile runs with three weeks for the body to rest before the actual marathon. Typically the long runs step up by 2 mile increments every other week with a drop back to 12 miles on the alternate weekend. After the last 20 miler, you generally do shorter distances, 15 miles then 8 miles the week before the race.

If you can walk the distance and take your time, you can probably finish the race but this may not be much fun. Do not wear anything you haven't worn many times before.

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