Aggressive skating/ jumping stairs?

any tips on clearing a set of about 13 stairs so i dont break my legs or fall or something? is 13 too much cause when i look at them from the bottom it looks like a huge gap & its pretty high.


Do you love skaters? Why?

being a skateboarder 13 stairs is a nice big set of stairs to skate period and the best advice i could give you would be this and for the record the most stairs i have landed would be 15 and that was not fun either.If the stairs are long you will need alot of speed just to clear them so the faster you go the better in this case as you dont want to hit the last stair on your way down thats not good trust me...If they are just a high set of stairs and not really long you dont need the speed but you want to have more then enough to clear the last stair and any crack in the way like most stairs have at the bottom landing..With me i always took a few runs at it to get my adrenaline pumping and get hyped on doing the set of stairs and i will try a few simple ollies off it and throw my deck just to get a fell of the landing and the impact but in your case you cant do this so try jumping them with just your shoes to get the fell of that or go balls out and just try it but just be ready for that nasty impact your going to take when you land and be ready to take that impact with your knees instead of your back and roll away happy...If you havent done anything this big i would try a 10 stair and work your way up to the 13 if anything as you will be better prepaired for this set by doing this...Hope i helped on a skaters out look for ya...

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well, you wanna get alot of speed first of all. and ur also gonna want to make sure you dont kick the board out from under u. thats wat used to happen to me. well, you probably should wear pads if ur scared. and pleez make sure that ur good enough to ollie that many stairs, ok

Tumbling or Gymnastics?

just give it a go

if you dont make it try again

Do you need to be built to Highschool wrestle?

whatever you do, FILM YOUR FIRST TIME. we wanna see you suffer a compound fracture of your leg, or pull it off. whichever. either is cool, and never forget this... CHICKS DIG SCARS.

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