Adventure Racing?

Question:OK, I asked this once before and no one knew what an adventure race was...
An Adventure Race is a team sport that's similar to a triathlon, but with slightly different genres. Often, they will include mountain biking, paddling (often whitewater) and orienteering/trail running. Some races include special challenges like a rock climbing/bouldering or scavenger hunt. Here is my question:
Does anyone know of any good adventure races in the U.S. or Canada that cost under $1000/team to enter? If so, please describe the race. Thanks!


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If you want to get into Adventure Racing, go to
They are the official sanctioning body for Adventure Races in the U.S. and you can search their database for races. Also what was previously offered was, which USARA requires an event they sanction to advertise there.
Adventure Racing is not actually only a team sport, most adventure races which are not expedition style offer Solo competitors.
I have personal experience with EX2Adventure Racing, and they offer excellent Sprint Distance adventure races in the Washington D.C. area. I spent 2 seasons working with this company and have never heard a complaint about a race, other than soreness after wards.
There are a few more mid atlantic companies I am aware of, and next year the University of Montana will host its first ever adventure race, which will be challenging but has some extremely interesting terrain associated.
If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me.

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i haven't seen any advertised... i'd imagine that i'll hear something by summer...

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Have you checked out and the race calender?

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