All star cheerleading qusetions?

Question:ok i have a bunch of questions you can answer all or one the more the better.
1. How much should you expect it to cost for each child...including uniforms.
2.What is the best online all star cheer uniform store.
3. Do u have to be in a gymnastics gym to have one.
4. in level one what is the best number of girls.
5.What is a good website that has tons of information on this.
6.A guide to starting a team. (Anywhere i can find this? you can send it to my email...PEACEloveMishelle@hotm...


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1. Mines is $3,000 but it includes a lot of stuff.
2. Maybe
3. Most likely, because they have trampolines and mats.
4. Probably ranging to 10-16
6. Not sure... Sorry.

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fist of all Cheer leading sucks so blah blah.......

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well, i am an all star cheerleader and it is exspensive but worth it shoes are around $50 and uniform the really cute half top with sequins (thats mine) $275 good luck

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I wouldn't start a team until you get a handle on the business and safety aspects. Insurance alone is pretty expensive, then there are the equipment costs and so forth.

You can check the Allstar forum at and the USASF website and see if you can glean more info.

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