Any tips on my olling problem?

i just started, and i can cruise along fine and can ollie perfectly on grass on carpet, but when i start to do an ollie while skating i feel worried i might fall and badly hurt myself. Is this normal and if so any tips on how to get rid of this feeling? thx if u got advice rly helpful.


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I know exactly wht your problem is, it's commitment, With all skateboarding trick, you will always be a little worried about hurting yourself, but it's skateboarding its one of those sports which sometimes you have to take that risk and trust yourself on it, What you should do to over come this fear is imagine yourself landing it beucase it builds self confidence in yourself and is a trick many people use for different skate tricks and will come in handy when you try more complex stuff another trick is to just face your fears, the only way your going to accomplish this trick is to face your frears.

Good luck

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Yeah..I know how ya's like you can't move your feet to ollie when you're's the deal,
You look at the pros,look how awesome would it feel to do amazing tricks like them..and you think you oughta try that out..maybe I'm not making any sense..
Get a friend to encourage you,see them do an ollie while moving and they will push you..hmm..I've been there,they will try to help you if they're nice,if their mean they'll make fun of you,so you HAVE to prove that you're not a wimp.Get a lil' confidence..
if you're scared of getting hurt(like me),put on a helmet,knee and elbow pads,if you're afraid you'll look like a dork..try doing it

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