Any darts players got any tips for beginner/amateur?

any tips on how to hit trebles, also aiming and the holding of darts, tips very welcome please, I seem to be progressing but need some pro help, thanks


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A good tip for treble twenty is aim above the top wire, you have more chance of "dropping in".

Don't just aim for 180's all the time.
Practice all trebles and doubles.
Practice finishing.

DO NOT keep swapping, flights, stems, throw, stance etc. Find what you are comfortable with and stick with it.

Aiming is really personal preference, I line the dart under my right eye, some use the left eye, others in the middle or even to one side. Again it's what you feel comfortable with. Don't try and copy a style, create your own.

Above all, practice, practice, practice.

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make sure the sharp end is facing the board...!

How can I Try Out for something but not get nerouvs and mess up?

yes drink beer to steady the nerves

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Always try out different darts, to see if you find a set which is just right for you, you may always find a set which just feelsmore 'right' than that which you're used to.

Practise makes perfect. It's dull but indeed, the only way to progress. Play with those better than you, and you'll also improve your game that way.

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try playing "around the board" 1-20 then the bull , singles doubles and trebles , holding the darts and aiming i think is a personall thing ..most of all PRACTISE , good luck

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There are a lot of good tips so far. I can only add that you should always try to practise with someone who is better than you. if you have to play someone who is not as strong a player as you, give them a small advantage that will force you to play your best to win.

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