What should I Do? Is it too late?

Ok i'm 22 years old and graduated in 2003 and love the game of baseball. In high school I was 1st team all conference and first team all district two consecutive years. I'm a pitcher and still throw about 86-87mph. I play during the summer still for a men's league and we play semi-pro teams so it's competitive. I was talked to by Ohio State, Bowling Green, and Heidelberg, but turned them all down because I had a son when I was a junior. It wasn't planned but I wasn't going to leave him for anything. Now i wonder if I should have continued with my dream of playing baseball. I have been to major league tryouts but they weren't looking for pitchers at the time. My question is do you think it's too late to play college ball and fullfill my dream of making it big. I have my own house, a son that's going to be 5 years old and one on the way in Late July. Or, should I just give it up and take care of my family that I love so much?


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no never give up your dream the reason i say this is because you will never stop beating up yourself about it so take care of your family get back in shape and get back out there. and one more thing ask god to direct you in this because only he knows the answer.

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i think you should persuade your dreams just think the better life u can give them if u were to play pro so i say go for it.

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