Aggressive inline skates questions xsjado, razor, and k2?

Question:i was wondering if anyone has xsjado skates if they wear out fast
i was wondering how good the razor cult 6's are, and if there are better razor skates
and lastly i wanted to know what some good k2 skates there are

thanks a lot all answers appreciated


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Depending on what you skate, Xsjados are pretty durable. The people I skate with that have them LOVE them and they seem to last pretty well. They do take some getting used to depending on what you skate now (the souls are huge so everything feels different).

All of the skates Razors puts out are quality. The Cult 6's go back to the old boot and soul plate style. They have a little more flex than the newer style of Razors (Shima's and Gen's) but they are very durable and everything is replaceable.

K2 is down to making only one aggressive skate these days. They never sold all that well and I think they didn't put enough focus or commitment into aggressive sakting. They're pretty good skates...lots of flex and original soft boot. You should be able to find one or two styles of K2s at some of the online stores.

These three types of skates are so different, I'd really recommend that you try them on if you have the chance. They all feel so different and ride so different it's hard to tell you which is the best of the three.

Good luck and happy skating.

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